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I found it ironically fitting in today’s crazy social world to finally start a blog. It’s funny because I’ve always laughed at blogging – who the hell would want to read average Joe’s content. I don’t care what they’re doing, where they’re going or what they’re cat did last night. So why then would I start a bog? Well, for one, blogging today isn’t ‘Boring Barry’s Diary of Gardening Tips’ anymore; it’s a source of new, relevant content – to learn, share, and grow from. So for me, this is why I’m here, to learn and share.

Quick bio:
Live, work and play in Columbus, Ohio. Currently work for the Columbus Board of REALTORS® as their Interactive Communications Coordinator and Young Professionals Network (YPN) Liaison. Love what I do but am always finding new ways to challenge myself and my career. I try and stay abreast of all the latest technologies, gadgets, widgets and didgets to share with real estate professionals to help build their business. Check out my blog for up-to-date industry information!

In my free time I love running, biking, fitness, eating, learning, drinking wine, reading, traveling, and starting new ventures. I also love Columbus, it’s the best city in the world. Explore the hidden gem of the nation!


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